I remember you when it rains, only if you knew The reds had turned coral when we were together I had seen life anew The games we played, ladybirds we chased, Every new path we took Thunder didn't scare us, leeches didn't bite us Life was fun, so was school.  How you sang without a pause, and trees danced As if in a trance And yet, it was the silence that had bonded us: Yours, when you accompanied me home taking my hand Mine, whilst standing by the gate, I looked back But such a vile scoundrel is fate  Although I don't remember the date You moved to a land where it snowed And I?  Well, I still chase ladybirds They remain, even if you don't.

Embrace It All

The heady scent of a rose makes you forget its thorns To sing in a raging storm as we do when there's rain is a joy very few can claim Because First, there's passion Only then comes the pain Who really wants pain? Not you? Yeah. Not me either. But it really doesn't matter what we want. Pain we have to bear, no matter what. Mankind has made a journey of millions of years but still, there's no surefire way around heartbreaks.  The other day I was texting a friend and she was justifying her indifference to relationships. She told me she would rather remain single than expose herself to the possibility of a painful breakup. Now, on the face of it, it's a legit argument. I even chose to agree with her. But at the bottom of the matter is our inherent tendency to avoid something worthwhile for the fear of it failing us. Figuratively, that is similar to neglecting a rose for the fear of thorns. It's true that in this modern era

Hello, there!

Hi peeps, I hope all of you are fine and if not, trust me, it will all be good. Heck, it has to be. Law of nature, guys - Good Things happen to Good People. 😁 Before you're put off by my over the top optimism, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Gargi Biswas and I live in this lovely city called Raipur in India. I'm a writer and a student of Literature. Have you ever felt out of place? Do you often feel that you don't belong? Well, it's good if you don't, actually. But here's the thing: I feel out of place in almost every situation of my life that involves interaction with people. I'm socially awkward and I start fumbling when I'm talking to strangers. Now don't get me wrong. I don't hate humans or even dislike them. I love people and they always amaze me. In fact, I have so much to share with you that it could fill up volumes. It's just that I'm an introvert. And the wrong kind. I'm shy and nervous around peopl